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How to install PUBG Mobile on your smartphone without Wasting internet

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a popular mobile game played across the world. It was released in March 2017. This game was inspired by a Japanese thriller film ‘Battle Royale’ in which the government sends a group of students to fight forcibly. About 100 players jump on an island with a parachute, find weapons and kill each other until only one of them is left in the game. Pubg Mobile is currently the world’s number one battle royal game and is liked by almost all the young generation. 

Smartphones are not just used for calling, messaging, or taking photos, but it is also used a lot for gaming. Although most game lovers have now shifted to PlayStation, there are still many who loves to play games on their smartphones. Every heavy game needs an internet connection. But do you know that you can also install these highly graphical games on your smartphone without an internet connection? We need some tricks and after that, you can install PUBG on your mobile phone without any internet and enjoy the game. 

The company has always been promising to deliver the new features, maps, weapons, and various updates in PUBG Mobile. This makes it a heavy game with a download size of 1.8GB. You need to have an unlimited data plan to install such a heavy game on your phone. But many people suffer from limited internet data and can’t install PUBG Mobile. We have brought a trick for you through which you can install this game on your Android Phone. 

Here are the steps:

  • You will need your friend’s help to install PUBG without the internet.
  • To install the PUBG game, you and your friend need to download a file transfer app. For example – Superbeam, Files by Google, ShareAll, Send Anywhere, etc.
  • Send the APK file of PUBG Mobile from your friend’s phone to your mobile phone using any of the above-mentioned file transfer apps.
  • Now from your friends phone, stay in the app and go to File – Android- obb – com.tancent.ig folder and select the “” file and send it to your phone.
  • Next, your friend needs to go to Files > Android > data (folder) from within the file-sharing app and select the whole folder with the name “com.tencent.ig” to your phone.
  • After you have received all the three files/folders on your phone, tap on the PUBG Mobile APK file to install it. When you are done installing the game, close it.
  • Exit the file-sharing app and go to the File Manager.
  • Now, go to the folder where your file sharing app stores the received files.
  • Select the obb file and move it to the Phone Storage > Android > obb folder.
  • Create a new folder here by the name “com.tencent.ig”.
  • Paste the obb file inside this folder.
  • Go back to the received files folder of the sharing app and move the “com.tencent.ig” folder to the Phone Storage > Android > data (folder).
  • And you are done.

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